Every day we live for the adventure of choice.

I support clients in their holistic healing in order to lead more peaceful and heart centered lives 


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I believe that every day we have opportunities to change the future, persons we will become in the world we will live in. With each new moment we have the freedom of choice, each choice is alive with new possibility. It is up to ourselves, our conscious ability to weigh decisions against our instincts, to create the future we desire.

Our frame of reference should be something we’ve worked on building with conscious attention, through a process of determination, soul, and a balanced curiosity. I believe that modern society has created creatures of habit in a world that is constantly changing. Most of us feel that we are out of equilibrium, out of sync and out of sort. We are looking for new ideas to connect with!

This can take us in exciting directions, and has lead me explore common ground between science, art, culture and philosophy. I believe that every day we live for the adventure of choice - to speak your truth and live alive!



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