2017 Booklist


There were times last year when I wasn’t able to physically pick up a book but whenever I could pick up a book, I certainly did. I had always wanted to make it a habit of spending more time reading,  while I was on medical leave last year reading was my whole world, my escape and my reality. I hope you enjoy this long list of books I gratefully read in 2017.

Books awaken us from the slumber of almost-living – Anaïs Nin


  1. The Seven Habits
  2. The Fifth Habit
  3. The Eighth Habit
  4. Anatomy of the Spirit
  5. Meditations from Mat
  6. Nourishing the Teacher
  7. Choosing Happiness
  8. The Kaizen Way
  9. Practice: The Way to Meaningful Life
  10. The Miracle of Mindfulness
  11. The Way of Zen
  12. The Art of War
  13. Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
  14. Out of your Mind
  15. The Art of Grace
  16. Seven Spiritual Laws of Success
  17. A  New Earth
  18. Hamlet
  19. Alice in Wonderland
  20. Memoirs of a Geisha
  21. Through the Looking Glass
  22. Pride and Prejudice
  23. Zhivago
  24. Strong Female Protagonist
  25. Wanted
  26. The Wit and Wisdom of Benjamin Franklin
  27. The Wit and Wisdom of Abraham Lincoln
  28. Walden
  29. Fahrenheit 451
  30. Slaughterhouse Five
  31. Cats Cradle
  32. Astrophysics for People in a Hurry
  33. Audubon Society Guide to the Stars
  34. Tim’s Astronomy Guidebook
  35. Audubon Society California Wildflowers
  36. Guidebook to North American  Butterflies
  37. Tesla: Man out of Time
  38. The Invention of Nature
  39. A New Green Earth
  40. The Blue Zones
  41. The Man Who Mistook his Wife for a Hat
  42. Oliver Sacks: a Life on the Move
  43. An Anthropologist on Mars
  44. Momento Mori
  45. My Story: Marilyn Monroe
  46. Experiencing Mexico
  47. History of Mexico
  48. The Diary of Frida Kahlo

In 2017 I set the foundation for a healthy, lifelong habit and more conclusive list in 2018. I look forward to the accumulation of many years of my life being spent in random coffee shops, bookstores, and libraries around the world!

Tracy Rose

Published February 1, 2018

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