Reiki & My Reiki Story

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What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese energy healing. It is an ancient healing technique used to enhance the body’s natural ability to heal itself through the balancing of energy on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.

The word Reiki comprises of two characters ” 霊 気 “. Phonetically it is a combination of two Japanese words – Rei which means “Spirit” and Ki which is “life force energy.”

Reiki can be thought of as Intelligently guided life force energy. This energy has been called Qi, Prana, and many other names in many cultures throughout history.

Reiki is typically received while laying down in a relaxed position such as on a massage table. The experience is similar to receiving a massage, with calming aesthetics such as music and diffused oils permeating the air.

The person giving Reiki places their hands slightly above or gently over the person, so that energy can be exchanged.

Every session is personalized and therefore your experience will be unique!  You can expect to experience sensations of heat, and relaxation; there are no negative or harmful effects of Reiki.

It works holistically to stimulate the bodies natural healing response, to cleanse, revitalize, and harmonize…

Potential Health Benefits from Reiki

・ Complete relaxation                                                                                                                   ・Increased circulation                                                                                                                      ・ Release of stress and anxiety
・ Positive emotional states
・ Release of old blocked emotions
・ Physical, emotional, and spiritual pain relief
・ Strengthened immune system
・ Opening of your intuitive centers
・ Enhance learning and creativity                                                                                                ・Increased sense of well-being and confidence
・ Eliminate emotional, physical, and mental stress
・ Supports overcoming past trauma

My Reiki

I was privileged to be attuned in the special city of Nakano, Tokyo, Japan in the Summer of 2018. I experienced with sensei Yoko Kubota levels 1 – 3 in the Usui Reiki.  My experience was unique in that my achievements accompanied six months spent exploring Japanese culture and continent.

Likewise, my teachings embodied of a respectful balance between Western and Japanese Reiki, and included a uniquely native quality from the Reiki heart of Tokyo. I also had the privilege to travel to the temples of Kyoto and begin my practice of channeling Reiki in the place of its roots. My lineage is shown below in Red.


My Reiki Story

In late 2016 I was living in Southern California working for a fortune 500 company. I was at the height of my career and had recently been offered a promotion with a corner office. Things were going really well for me, and although I was working close to 60 hours every week for the past several years, I earned a lot of vacation time and was able to enjoy traveling every quarter. Then somewhere in between the stress of the holidays I began to notice painful tension accruing in my hands, fingers and forearms.

By the new year my hands were in so much pain I began to augment my regular routines such as driving, doing my hair, and texting. By the end of January 2017 I was struggling to send a single email over the course of an entire week. I had begun to use more advanced ergonomic tools and expected my body would rebound, but instead my injuries began to compound from my physical body into my emotional and spiritual bodies.

By the end of February 2017, I struggled to feed myself, dropping down to below 90 pounds, I struggled with maintaining an independent lifestyle. By March 2017 I had been approved for medical leave from my employment, albeit too late. At this time I was not able to drive in fact I could barely brush my teeth. Over the following year I lost my job due to my physical disability and was told my condition was likely permanent. I also began to try every form of therapy including physical therapy, massage therapy, and nutritional supplementation; although these elements were helpful and I credit them with giving me the hope I needed to continue towards recovery, I felt as if my healing had plateaued.

Being who I am, I opened my mind to all possibilities and began looking for something anything that would help me heal; and that looking brought me to the Far East. In the Far East I met doctors trained in Eastern medicine who really cared about healing my condition. I received massage therapy in the mountains of northern Thailand, already my hands were improving but again they seem to plateau. That is until I found myself in Japan taking a calligraphy lesson in Tokyo, my hands wrapped in kinisthetic tape. I was searching for the right word; I was thinking of ether, but in translation the teacher thought I was talking about “air.” Breath?, He asked. That’s not a special word, he said. The exchange was quite comical. He explained to me that the word for “air” is made of two characters: the first character means something like, sky, and the second character meant life force energy, “Ki.” I fell in love with the character. Later I looked it up and made the connection between Ki and Reiki. Actually, I devoured everything I could find on Reiki which has its roots right here in Japan and two weeks later I found myself studying Reiki in Tokyo with a native reiki master.

I would describe my first Reiki healing session as life-changing. This was with Yuko sensei in her home studio, I could feel the electricity coming off of her hands, especially when she was working with my heart area; it felt like voltage buzzed from her fingertips. I went deep in my experience, I had visions full of colors and fractal geometries. This was something that came intuitively for me and as naturally as it came together in my life for me to receive these attunements, it has come naturally through me for me to become a Reiki healer. Immediately after my first session with Yuko san, I noticed more strength and vitality in my hands! I was immediately able to do more and with less pain which has allowed me to be more independent again!

My Reiki story is one that is full of gratitude for the knowledge that I have received. When I really think about it, it has been a powerful miracle in my life. In time I know my body will remember how to heal itself and to hold this higher vibration of healing, I just know this to be true and it gives me joy to share this vibrant healing experience with you.


Tracy  Rose

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