The Magic of Intention Setting


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With tonight being a new moon this is the perfect time to delve into the art and magic of setting intentions. New moons bring us into creative energy and give us a real sense of a new beginning. Tonight the sky is dark, more stars can be seen, and the air seems to be electrified with potential energy! The few days before and after the new moon are the perfect time for us to plant the seeds of intention that which we want to watch grow just as the moon grows from new to full each month.

The Art

Today we say a goal is just a dream with a deadline and there is much truth to this modern saying. First of all we have to let go of some expectations we have for our dreams, we tend to regard them as less practical and less important than our typical sense of goals… But if you want to live your dreams make them your goals.

Okay but then we also say that the road to hell is paved with good intentions so save time and free yourself from this trap. Be sure that your intentions are respectful of the free will of the universe. Be humble and let your true intuition be a guide when setting your intentions.

What small change will bring you more happiness now? Will improve your health?     Just let it come from your heart, your heart already knows.

Once you have your intention in mind you can begin to break it down into smaller phases of incremental achievements. For example, maybe your intention is to express gratitude for every day or to change a chronic habit…

It is important to nurture your intention with your attention. By setting incremental achievements you can accomplish something truly greater than if you never had tried at all. Begin to develop your own formula, one that works for you so that you will stick with the process.

The Magic

Now you are ready to write it down and here is why. They say there is magic in words and that is why they call it spell-ing. If you are someone who regularly journals, begin to include your intention setting progress into your practice. Or consider leaving little encouragement notes around for your future self to find.

Write your intention down on a piece of paper and tuck it under your pillow so it is there all the while you sleep. Be creative and make it unstressful by keeping in mind this process is to bring to more ease and joy into your life. Meditate on your intention. Take time to relax while thinking of nothing other than that feeling of excitement you will have as you begin feeling less stuck and more in alignment with your dreams.

Feeling yourself shifting into a new habit or alignment is important.

For those who are even more kinesthetic utilize a totem. The purpose of the totem is to have a physical reminder that is tied to your intention. This is for when life gets busy or we get distracted by our old and comfortable behaviors. It can be any physical object. The totem serves as an anchor for the mind and really serves to keep you grounded as you work to manifest from your dream to reality

By setting out intentions with the cycles of the moon, we invite this energy in to serve us in our personal growth. At the very minimum, it provides us with a visible and tangible deadline for our goals and remind us that small actions taken daily can truly grow into stunning accomplishments!

So tonight, or early tomorrow before the sun rises take a moment to go outside and to connect with the energy of the new moon, breathe the fresh air into your lungs and exhale any doubt or limitation in your mind about your intention. When you believe in your dreams with your entire Being-ness, with your thoughts, your feelings, and your actions, you will invite the entire universe to support you.

For your Health,

Tracy Rose

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